Simple recipes to nourish and warm

We are having a stormy night tonight. The rain is falling heavily, and the inky sky explodes in a fury of lightning and thunder. The dog has taken refuge in the laundry, and I am grateful we are safe and warm. My mind turns towards the coming cold and all those delicious soups, roasts and … Continue reading Simple recipes to nourish and warm

Nurturing the home

We have arrived at the end of another busy two weeks. I dearly wanted to stop by here and say hello, but a few other things prevented me from doing so. Chiefly, I have been busy applying for jobs. I feel that life is busy enough at home, staying on top of things and ensuring … Continue reading Nurturing the home

Spinning wheels, submissions and a busy week

We have had some unseasonably cold weather of late. The wind has been blowing strong, and the river swelled with continuous falls. But spring seems to have finally arrived in earnest these past two days. The air feels and somehow smells warm. The foxgloves are flowering strong. The roses are making their first, tentative steps … Continue reading Spinning wheels, submissions and a busy week