with love and kindness

"Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start."Mother Teresa There are many quotes like this I have read recently. They are not all entirely direct quotes but paraphrased from speeches by Mother Teresa. Needless, the premise behind such quotes is pretty much the same, the message unmistakable. … Continue reading with love and kindness

Nurturing the home

We have arrived at the end of another busy two weeks. I dearly wanted to stop by here and say hello, but a few other things prevented me from doing so. Chiefly, I have been busy applying for jobs. I feel that life is busy enough at home, staying on top of things and ensuring … Continue reading Nurturing the home

The highway slog and the desire to drive less

Our home state and the neighbouring capital territory have recently opened up to almost pre-covid levels. Sport has resumed, shops are fully accessible, children need ferrying around, and once more, I find myself on the road, patrolling the highway. I find this immensely troubling. Our almost 3-month lockdown was, in many respects, a welcome relief. … Continue reading The highway slog and the desire to drive less