And then there was one

DSC_0119 (1280x850)

I don’t know why, but I am still surprised at how quickly time passes by. It is already the end of January. The kids will be returning to school tomorrow, a little daunted, a little disappointed, at another year of condensed learning ahead and another holiday ended. My second youngest curly headed ray of light will be starting school this week as well. To see her trot into class in her pint sized uniform, curly hair all askew, face bright and smile wide, as this child just loves life, will bring both sadness and excitement. Their journey’s as individuals in their parents eyes began the day they were born, but their journey’s in the world’s eyes begins the day they let go of our hands and venture on their own. I would dearly love to escape to the hills, to live off-grid, tending our own, living off our own endeavours and hard work, the children always at my side, or with their father learning from the bush, learning from the output of their own musings. But that is not where we are in life. I will have just the one child at home from this week. It will be quiet in a way. My time will be more engaged in one, as opposed to being shared between others. My youngest may be called in to help with more kitchen activities, he may choose to stay beside me for longer in the garden and dig up those beets that had been growing so nicely! He may help me to focus my attention on moving slowly and mindfully in my nourishing endeavours. Let’s see what this new dynamic will bring.

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