Eating lighter


I love eating foods that are satisfying, full of flavour, and have real substance to them – I’m a roast lamb and veggie, chicken pie, thick bread and butter, pumpkin pie kind of girl. I can’t help it, it is so ingrained in my nature to want to eat dense food. But, I’m not working the fields, or felling logs with my bare hands, or indeed scrubbing the floor with a brush, and I dislike organised exercise, so I’m finding myself getting a bit porky!

So in the coming days (weeks, months – no really that’s too long, let’s stick with days!) you’ll expect to see me lightening things up a little. You are unlikely to see me posting my favourite green smoothie, or chia and almond milk pudding. Though I like these foods, I find them unnecessary. I prefer to eat my greens, not slurp them, I don’t think nuts should be consumed by the cupful, instead I prefer the crunch and flavour they add to a salad or on their own as a quick, small, snack before dinner, and I think my diet like most westerners already contains more than adequate amounts of protein. But I will be revisiting some of my favourite salad combinations, and reducing the amount of bread I have been consuming. I still love flavour and substance in a meal, so there will be more on the menu than lettuce salad sans dressing.

It is a simple equation of input and output, and whilst busy and constantly on the move, I can sadly ill afford to continue eating like a lumberjack.

Cultured dairy products, fermented vegetables, broth and good natural fats are still vital in my opinion, so these have not fallen from favour. Dairy culturing and fermenting are two elements of my diet that I have yet to tackle. I will be picking up a book that I had ordered called The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz later this week, and am really looking forward to plunging in and giving fermenting a crack. As for culturing dairy products, I have created my wish list and will just sit on it for the moment. Tackling my alarmingly wiggly bottom is of greater priority at the moment!

With that in mind, I’m off to punch out (as the hubby would phrase it) another set of squats.

Please share your own suggestions to getting back in control when you’re feeling the bulge.

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