In and around the home

I’ve been characteristically quiet in this space – not that I haven’t been busy. Doing exactly what I couldn’t really say, often how it is with stay at home mums. But my days are full of children, laundry, cooking (rpt)… I have been trialling new recipes – a caramelised leek dahl, which was nice, but it seems I’m not a huge fan of red lentils – a bit blah (though I feel completely differently about brown lentils?). To that end, (and because I couldn’t remember where the ‘h’ appears in the word dal, I have just stumbled upon a witty blog Eat like a Girl – the author offering what looks to be a promising recipe for dahl/dhal, which might very well convert me. I’ve also gotten all adventurous and am in the process of trialling a buttermilk and rye bread starter which I have been told can be stored in the fridge for several weeks – yes! I love a good procrastination!

The last of the green tomatoes have been pulled off the vines to be made into a green tomato chutney. To be honest, we didn’t really get to enjoy any ripe tomatoes this season. The plants went in too late, we had a fairly mild summer and our autumn this year was non-existent. Though we’ve had many cold days (comparatively speaking of course!) already, today’s temps marked the true beginning of a long and windy winter, and with the threat of our first frost any day now, there was a sense of urgency to preserve any meager evidence of a tomato crop.







No matter how the full the days are, there is always a treasure to be found in the early morning fog or the golden warmth of the evening sun. There is much to be grateful for.

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