Finding joy in the simple

We have just had another beautiful weekend. We have been blessed with blue skies, gentle breezes, and warm sun for the past couple of weekends. Days that soothe and replenish the soul. It was likely the last hurrah before winter sets in and we spend the next three months or more holding our breath and waiting for the first signs of spring. But we will revel in the good days while they are still here.


On Sunday, we visited the lambs in their paddock with their woolly friends. The youngest two joined us, which the lambs loved as they are drawn to beings close in stature to them. The kids had been exploring the farm most of the day, as an orcrist wielding hobbit, and Galadriel. Donned in cloaks and armed with magical pendants they hurried towards the flock for what pats they could get before the evening closed. As I squatted to watch the merry reunion unfold, I received a little nudge from the littlest lamb Heidi, a precious reminder of my relationship with them and the months feeding them, coaxing them to health and independence. It is bittersweet that they are now on their own, fending for themselves and becoming sheep. I will try to maintain the bond for as long as is practicable, but I know that too will pass.



While there is always a level of sadness seeing our lambs as visitors and not as carers, there is a simple and quiet joy in being amongst them. They have no demands but attention and affection, we spend a languid hour walking in an open field bordered by hills and the river, sharing our company with the lambs and each other. We didn’t need to get in the car and drive to a destination or spend money on the excursion, there were no expectations of us or time limits, and we were completely offline, as we were always intended to be. There is an almost ludicrous irony that I feel a need to share the simplicity of such a moment here, but sometimes we need reminders to seek out moments like these, quiet and unpressured moments appreciating the warmth of the sun, the gentle quiet of our surroundings, the unspoken love and affection shared in a family.

These are the moments where I find true, deep joy. I hope you found a little of that too where you are.


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