Failing at exercise

If you are a mother you will understand that exercising is not always a foolproof, streamlined exercise. Such was my experience the other day attempting a nice long walk to get some milk from the local convenience store. We have hills (albeit one is small) both there and back, so with the two smallest in the pram it makes for a good workout for me.

But there are so many disincentives to heading out the door. There are stragglers at the table, last minute explosive poos, tyres that need pumping, water bottles, and perhaps snacks, to pack to keep children happy for the journey, children that forcefully exert their right not to be harnessed in the pram, harnessed in the pram (it is simply a romantic stroll if I walk at a 2 year old’s pace), and then the screaming that does not stop. Not at least until I discover a tyre is already flat at the bottom of the hill. All children out, time to walk back up the hill. The convenience store will be closing in 10 minutes, and a meltdown ensues. That glimmer of hope that he would indeed get to walk the journey shattered by a quick about turn. No no no said he (really it was screeeeeeeeam…). My gorgeous girl patiently guarded the pram, reminded me that I had to wait for her brother, offered to collect him, save him from his torment. She did all she could. I waited until there was some sign of acceptance of our predicament, quietly cursing the planets that destroyed my much needed attempt at exercise and wondered what demon possessed my toddler.





We did eventually make our return home, I bought milk (drove to the shop), a toddler was calmed, cooled and put to bed, and I had a gripe to the husband who manages exercise with as much ease as breathing and eating. Why should it be so hard? How can I make exercise a part of my days easily, without the prickly impediments of everyday life. This I must work on as it is simply a matter of necessity that I exercise, that my muscles are used and challenged, my heart and lungs are pumped to capacity, to make my body flow, my mind release, and to feel the strength I have lost over the years, with each subsequent child, return. I dislike organised exercise, I’d much prefer my exercise to come as a consequence of life, but our lives are so assisted. We have conveniences, tools that allow us to forego arduous activity, and multi-faceted schedules that force us into streamlining our daily chores into mere puffs of exertion. Some calculated exercise is required.

I will continue my attempts at exercise every day, but I would love to hear what you have found works for you.

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