Overeating (but loving it)

Sometimes I just eat so much, so now I sit here with a ginger tea and just digest!

No complaints with what I’ve eaten mind you. It all started with french toast and maple syrup, to maple popcorn (the maple theme ends here I promise), to homemade sausage rolls, then chocolate cake with homemade blackberry jam and whipped cream, to risotto with fried egg, and then finally, yes finally, apple and blackberry streudel with whipped cream. For snacks (not kidding), there was a mandarin and a banana, 3 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, and 3 stone’s ginger wine neat on ice.

So, yes, I will sit here with my ginger tea, and just digest.

2 thoughts on “Overeating (but loving it)

  1. Your day sounds very much like mine sometimes over eating and loving all the homemade food but i have my stones green ginger wine with soda water and ice. We too live on a windy hill surrounded by the bosses cattle and a vegetable garden that is crying out for some attention and a fence to keep the chooks out 🐓


    1. Hi Maree, thanks for stopping by – lovely to meet someone in a similar situation! Livestock and the elements can certainly make life interesting (especially going for walks – cows have chased me more than once). I would love to get cracking on the garden, and we’ve had some lovely sunny days, but I’m just cold to the bone in winter and find it hard to leave the heater! How do you manage fruit trees in the wind? Our apple trees always look promising until the freezing cold winds, or dry summer winds hit.


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