Granny’s Favourite

For a long time I have admired the little cardigans that a friend knits for her daughters. While her knits are all unique, having been knit up in different yarns, sometimes with colourwork across the yoke, sometimes long sleeve at others short, they are all knit up using the very popular and highly adaptable Tikki Knits pattern Granny’s Favourite.

The pattern is incredibly detailed and very easy to follow. Like most of Tikki Knits patterns, Granny’s Favourite is simple and seamless. It is also highly adaptable offering a variety of lengths of body and sleeve, and encourages frugality daring you to stretch the amount of yarn used. The designer Georgie Nicolson described the pattern herself as a yardage chicken flirt. What an invitation!

And finally I have made my own version of it for my precious niece Maya. Maya is pure delight and sweetness and gentleness – all things considered girly. So I was a tad afraid of knitting her up a little cardi in this rather robust earthy apricot millpost merino yarn. Millpost merino is a superfine merino yarn grown single source at a family run farm in Bungendore on the Southern Tablelands of NSW near Canberra. For us, it is as local as you can get, which for me makes knitting up this cardi so much more special.

I believe we all have a responsibility to our environment and by applying a locally sourced mentality to our consumer choices we are taking a very simple but powerful step towards creating a much more sustainable future. I understand that this is often easier said than done, as money and accessibility are often an issue, so I just try to live by that mantra when I can. I will admit the choice was made easier given how deliciously squishy this yarn is – for anyone used to knitting with acrylics or some of the hardier woolens widely available in larger stores, this yarn would be an absolute joy to work with. I highly encourage you to seek it out, or any yarn grown local to you. Our wool industry is not as robust as it once was, and certainly pales in comparison to the industries across the seas. Supporting Aussie producers should be a priority to anyone who loves to knit, or wear knits.

As for Maya, I hope she falls in love with the squishiness and colour of this yarn too, and enjoys the ease and comfort of this delightful pattern.

Now I just need to make one up in my size!




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