frustrated gardener

We have had a busy weekend with soccer, a kids birthday party, heading out to dinner, a catch up at a park, sooo much laundry (why is there always so much?), chores and baking, family visiting. It’s all been very lovely and good, but I am a fair weather gardener, and the weather this weekend has been gardening gold.


This morning I stole a few moments to capture the light hitting my garden. At this time of year the sun rises almost directly east, and as our garden is positioned on the eastern side of the house, it is quite simply bathed in morning glory. But being so incredibly well lit, I could not help but notice that the garden needs a lot of attention. If I zoom in I can just focus on those beautiful pea shoots and flowers, and the flower buds on the quince tree ready to bloom, and the rocket that has invaded almost as much as the nettle. But step back and an endless to do list becomes visible.

Today would have been an ideal time to put boot to fork, and hand on shovel, and clear and pull and rake at least part of the garden into some semblance of order. When I hit the garden I like to do so with purpose and commit to the task at the expense of all else. In fact, if I can venture out still in pj’s it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll be out there for the long haul, head down, tuned out to the sound of the kids crying out for their breakfast (between the four of them they can make toast, french toast, all manner of things I am sure – they just think that’s what mum’s are for!). I do have to stop for loo breaks and water, and that’s almost like entering foreign territory – the house is always a mess without my vigilant gaze (ie deathly stare). A few threats are issued to restore order before my next drink stop, and I return to battle with nettle.

I know some are quite partial to nettle, but I do not share their enthusiasm. It penetrates clothes, finds the gap between glove and sleeve cuff, manages to cover ground quickly, and suffocates anything growing beneath. Apparently I should be happy that nettle has made home in my garden – means my soil is rich and fertile. Given that I have had no success at even limiting its influence in the garden, I will have to be content that I have great soil!





In any case, I did not put boot to fork, or hand on shovel today, and the nettle continues its onslaught on the garden. I can only hope next weekend will again bring with it glorious weather so I can venture out and start the epic task of bring order to what is rampant and wild.

I love seeing photos of other peoples gardens – it’s a huge source of motivation for me. So please share your links in the comments below. And if you have some great tips on how to destroy nettle once and for all, I am all ears!



6 thoughts on “frustrated gardener

  1. I cannot solve your nettle problem, but as for the washing, I started doing a load each morning no matter what. This means I never have a big pile on the weekend. If I don’t actually need to do a load I might have ironing or folding from the day before and do that instead. The main thing is, washing gets a small amount of my time daily. I’m not sure what age your kids are but hopefully one or two are old enough to help – clothes horses are great if they are too short to reach the line! Marie Kondo apparently has her tiny girls learning to fold!

    My garden is also looking out of control. It’s amazing how drought kills your trees and vegetables but weeds and rocket are everywhere! My plan is 10 minutes a day – just do something! Like you, I am also a pyjama gardener 🙂



    1. I know, why is that?! I do marvel at how vigorous and healthy nettle and rocket look no matter how dry and desperate everything else is. Very pleased to hear that at least one other person gardens in pj’s – it would be that “I’ll just go out and have a look at the garden”, and 5 hours later you’re still hard at work. My most productive days.

      I probably wash 5 times a week, and try to keep weekends for sheets and towels. At the moment it is manageable. As for ironing, I have a board and iron but do my darnedest to only buy clothes that are no-iron!

      I hope you have a chance to get out to your garden soon – I feel like the growing season is fast approaching.


  2. That’s a different type of pyjama day! I actually sowed a garden bed to nettles as nettle tea, soup etc has a positive effect on my blood pressure. When nettle growth overtakes my use it is chopped or pulled to go in a liquid compost bucket to enrich the garden.


    1. Hi Robyn! well that’s funny – maybe I should dry my crop and send to you in the post?! Great idea using it in compost though – will have to don some protective clothing and start putting it to use.


  3. Good luck with trying to eradicate Nettle it is pretty invasive! Make soup with it, add it to smoothies or infuse it to make tea it is really good for you and has loads of really good nutrients too, vital for good health! I let a small patch grow in my garden just for eating.


    1. You’re not wrong – it is indestructible. I would actually be happy with a ‘patch’, but pretty much every square inch of my garden has nettle growing in it. It seems I might have to embrace it and use it. Nettle in soup sounds like a nice a option – thankyou!


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